Welcome to The Great White Trout Studios home page. Let me introduce myself. My name is Kirby Benson and I have been a professional artist for over fifty years. For the majority of that period I made raku and stoneware pottery. During the past several years I have devoted all my art time to pastel painting. If you read the biography from this link you know that painting was my initial interest over 50 years ago when I first began my studies in art. I have returned to it from time to time over the years but now I find it to be my primary focus. Why? Well, at 78 years, I find the body just cannot endure the physical demands of pottery making any longer and therefore I have returned to my first art passion: painting.

The studio where all this art is created is in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Las Cruces, located in the Mesilla Valley, is a community of approximately one hundred thousand. It is the second largest city in New Mexico and it is in the south-central part of our state about 50 miles north of the Mexican border. You bet it's hot and dry - and the folks in these parts tend to grow and eat a lot of chili. The Mimbres valley is about 60 miles from here. As you may know, it is famous for its pre-Colombian painted pottery. This area has some very rich art traditions.

For paintings, The New Mexico and Arizona Landscape Gallery; the Still Life Gallery and the Other Gallery are available. Now there is the gallery for new work where you will find my early love - Abstract Expressionism. Just click on the link below for recent acrylic paintings.

Please check this page often, as I will be continually displaying new work. Thanks, come back again, and please enjoy the virtual galleries. And, oh yes, there are now some beautiful pens for sale.

Acrylic Paintings

Kirbini Astronomy Stories and Astronomy Photographs - New Photos from 2015

New: Pens for Sale

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